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Shivam – Home away from Home


Established in Nov 2020 in Osaka City, Japan, Shivam Co., Ltd specialize in authentic Indian Spices and is committed to provide the freshest quality spices to our customers.

“Food is one of the essences of life, hence it needs to be enhanced with the touch of best quality Indian spices”, a thought that has been in our mind from the beginning of our journey in Japan.

With this vision we established our own state of the art Manufacturing & Export Unit, in the Capital City of Delhi to manufacture, process and serve best in class food, retaining freshness and hygiene for all your kitchen experiments.

We are passionate about offering and promoting products that encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Bridging Japan & India

Japan as called the Land of the Rising Sun, is a unique country with its own cultural heritage. An amazing country whose people are deeply rooted to their own values and traditions as well as gladly welcoming the western influence.

Based in Japan for a decade has helped us to understand the Japanese way of living & thinking.

Finding a balance between two completely different cuisine styles was challenging in the beginning, however after extensive market research we have been able to develop products that are best suitable for the Japanese consumers.

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